Thursday, February 14, 2013

Cover from Jepara, Indonesia (12-12-12 Postmarks)

12-12-12 Postmarks

Howdy, folks! It's the last triple-date of the century here on Earth, and the some of people has made available a handful of "12-12-12" pictorial cancellations for those interested in obtaining one. (Of course, you could always get a "DEC 12 2012" postmark anywhere on that date).

Thanks to Mr.Lazarus Sth in Jepara, Indonesia for this cover.
As far as i recalled, i got this cover on last December 2012. Until today i found it again and scanned it to show the special postmarks to the world.
And this cover are so precious for me, coz i never notice/ hunting the special date even i know this things since 2001.
Almost two months i never touch my stamps, updated my blog, correspondences with other. and search any information related stamps. And i miss my time for this hobbies so much.

Once again, thanks so much Mr.Lazarus Sth for your beautiful cover and efforts to make it for me.

Happy Valentine Day World..